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Fall 2015 Schedule of Student Charges
Spring 2016 Schedule of Student Charges

Tuition Rates

2015-2016 Tuition Rates
On & Off-Campus/Offutt Courses
Undergraduate - UNO
Undergraduate - UNO CBA
Undergraduate - UNL*
Undergraduate - UNL Architecture
Undergraduate - UNL Engineering
Graduate - UNO
Graduate - UNO CBA
Graduate - UNL*
Graduate - UNL Architecture
Graduate - UNL Engineering


2015-2016 Distance Education Tuition Rates

Non-Resident & MAP*
Undergraduate Arts & Sciences & University Division (AS & UD)
Undergraduate CBA (CB)
Undergraduate CFAM (CF)
Undergraduate College of Education (ED)
Undergraduate CPACS (CP)
Undergraduate Emergency Management & Aviation (EM & AV)
Undergraduate Criminal Justice (CJ)
Undergraduate IS&T (IS)
Undergraduate UNL Agriculture (AG)
Undergraduate UNL Architecture (AR)
Undergraduate UNL Education/Human Sciences (EH)
Undergraduate UNL Engineering (EN)
Graduate Arts & Sciences (AS)
Graduate CBA (CB)
Graduate CFAM not MFA (CF)
Graduate CFAM - MFA (MF)
Graduate College of Education (ED)
Graduate CPACS (CP)
Graduate IS&T (IS)
Graduate UNL Agriculture (AG)
Graduate UNL Architecture (AR)
Graduate UNL Education/Human Sciences (EH)
Graduate UNL Engineering (EN)



2015-2016 Billing Tuition Rate Sheet

Tuition charges are assessed per credit hour.

*UNL-Based Courses are any courses in the EH or AG colleges.

**Effective Fall 2008, students qualifying for the Metropolitan Advantage Program will be assessed 150% of the resident tuition rate. For more information on this program, please visit

For information on residency, visit the Admissions web page. Courses are assessed at on-campus rates when the course number ends in 001-799. Off-campus/Offutt rates are assessed on courses ending in 801-819. Distance Learning rates apply to courses ending in 820 and above. Course levels can be identified by the first numeric value of the course ID number. ID's in the 1000-7999 range are assessed at the Undergraduate rate, while 8000-9999 ID's indicate a Graduate rate. Audit rates are only assessed during the drop-add period (first week of the fall and spring terms, first 3-5 days of each summer session). Courses registered for audit after that time will be assessed at the credit rate.

Student Fees

2015-2016 Fees
Fee Name
Fee Amount
MavCard Services Fee
UPF (0-6 credit hours)*
UPF (7 or more credit hours) *
Student Access & Success Fee
Technology Fee Per Credit Hour
Distance Learning Courses per credit hour
International Student Fee **
International/Domestic Student Health Insurance**
Fall - $763.95 Spring & Summer $1065.53
Library Services Fee Per Credit Hour $4.00
Cultural Enrichment Fee $5.00
Student Research Fee Per Credit Hour $1.50



*Off-campus, Offutt and Distance Learning courses are not subject to the UPF Fees, Cultural Enrichment or the MavCard Services fee, but are subject to the Student Access & Success Fee, Technology Fee, and Library Fee.

**All non-immigrants (including visa types F, J, H1, H4, P1, R1, and all others) are assessed the International Student Fee. The fee is waived for students with pending or granted Asylum (ASY), Immigrant card holder (IM), Naturalized citizen (NZ), Permanent resident (PR), Refugee (RF), and Temporary Protection Status (TPS). All International students with F or J VISA types will be assessed International Student Health Insurance Fees and will be covered by the UNO Insurance plan, unless students prove sufficient insurance coverage by using the following portal prior to the fourteenth day of classes:

Student fees are generally mandatory and non-refundable. However Technology Fees and Library Fees are refundable at the same rates as Tuition.

 Other Fees

In addition to normal tuition and student fees, course related fees may be charged to your student account. These are fees deemed necessary by the department to pay for laboratory use, materials costs, or other costs incurred in the offering of a course to you. Inquiries about the assessment of course fees should be directed to the department offering the course. They are considered non-refundable fees.

The Student Access and Success Fee funds direct services to students in admissions, registration, and other campus support services. Through these programs, students are provided resources to assist them in being successful in their educational endeavors. The fee is non-refundable and is assessed to all students as a flat fee of $85.30.

A Late Registration Fee of $25.00 is assessed according to the start-date of the session in which the course is held. However, Late Registration Fees are not assessed until the evening of your registration and will not appear on your billing until the next day.

A $30.00 Returned Payment Charge will be assessed for every returned payment submitted to the University. Returned payments must be redeemed in cash or money order. Failure to honor returned payments may result in additional late fees. For additional information please review our returned payment policy.

A MavCard Services Replacement fee of $10.00 is assessed for each new ID a student requests.

Students may also incurr other departmental charges, which include but are not limited to: parking charges such as permits and fines, housing charges such as rent, health charges, and bookstore charges. If you have a question about a charge on your student account please contact Cashiering/Student Accounts at 402-554-2324; otherwise, contact the relevant department whom would be responsible for initiating the charge.